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East - east program (Archive)

East East Beyond Borders Program at the Peace Institute operated from 2001 until 2012.

East East Beyond Borders Program promotes co-operation between the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, EU member states, but also worldwide. Through defining current (post)transition trends, the program promotes critical approach to controversial issues arising in the region and thus contributes to social and political transformation and innovation. The Program supports international exchanges that bring together civil society actors to share ideas, information, knowledge, experiences, and expertise and to support practical actions that result from that networking. Projects enable the discussion about problematic issues in the political, social, cultural and economic field. Comparative policy oriented studies respond to current trends and provide alternative suggestions in the process of overcoming stereotypes, prejudice, intolerance, phobias and exclusion.

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dr. Mojca Pajnik, program director
Tel.: +386 1 234 7724

mag. Mojca Frelih, coordinator
Tel.: +386 1 234 7732

Jasna Babič, project assistant
Tel.: +386 1 234 7731

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