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Discussion: Education – Study – Migration
17.12.2013, Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana
Buča knjigotrštvo d.o.o.
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  • "Your turn to stop racism" (2014.12.18)
    The Peace Institute is an active part of the LIGHT ON project’s activation against racism across Europe. A video and other useful materials are now available online in five European languages, including a Training Manual on Investigating and Reporting Online Hate Speech, Anti-Racism Toolkit, Visual Database of Racist and Discriminatory Symbols and Images, and Glossary of Racist Terms and Expressions.
  • Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, Peace Institute Director, Re-elected as Pasos Board Member (2014.12.13)
    Pasos – Policy Association for an Open Society – is an international network of policy centres and think tanks working in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  At the Pasos general assembly in Warsaw on 13 December 2014, Pasos delegates re-elected the Institute’s director as a board member for the second term.
  • Statelessness in Slovenia - What does National Law Say? (2014.12.12)
    The Peace Institute was invited to the Symposium on Statelessness held by UNHCR and Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, to address the national legal framework on the prevention and reduction of statelessness. Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, PI Director, discussed legal issues and called for legislative amendments as well as for the Slovenia’s ratification of the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.
  • Nation-wide Consultation Assembly regarding the establishment of a “Anti-Hate Speech Council” in Slovenia (2014.12.09)
    The first-ever nation-wide Consultation Assembly was organised in Ljubljana on 11 November 2014. The purpose of this cross-sectorial meeting among experts, NGOs and public bodies was to discuss the best avenues of addressing hate speech in Slovenia. In particular, the participants were invited to provide feedback on a proposed public reaction mechanism – the “Anti-Hate Speech Council”.
  • Human Rights Day: NGO press conference (2014.12.08)
    On the eve of the International Human Rights Day (10 December 10, 2014) a coalition of NGOs organized a press conference to warn about the negative trend in the human rights situation in Slovenia.
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