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Discussion: Education – Study – Migration
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  • Feminism and Islam: Turkish Women between the Orient and the West, a book by Ana Frank (2014.10.02)
    Turkish women are often an object, exploited in ideological battles among different political factions, and are therefore many times themselves lacking a voice in the interpretation of their own roles. The author presents the critical views of women themselves, thereby unveiling the critical potential of plural life in Turkey.
  • Populism and Practices of Othering (2014.09.17)
    The Peace Institute is engaged in a European Commission-funded project focusing on populism and practices of “othering” (project acronym: e-EAV). In recent months, the focus of the project has moved from political parties to the educational field. Educational module “Online Activism and Networking” aimed at empowering students to counter racism was carried out in 3 gymnasiums in Slovenia involving 111 pupils. The module was developed on the basis of the research results on populism in a cross-country European perspective. Special emphasis was given to learning methods involving computer tools, internet and social media. At the same time testing of an educational platform, aimed at teachers, was initiated in order to contribute to awareness-raising of teachers and stimulate them to work against racism and violence.
  • The Erased People of Slovenia Receive First Compensation Decisions (2014.09.16)
    Slovenia is unfortunately known also as a country that in 1992 has unlawfully deprived about 25.000 of their legal status (erased persons). In the last decade the Peace Institute has been supporting the erased persons in their struggle to remedy the injustices. More than 20 years after this civil rights violation the erased persons are receiving decisions recognising them a right to compensation as a remedy for the damages caused. The decisions are issued based on the Act on Restitution of Damage for Persons Who were Erased from the Register of Permanent Population that came into force on 18 June 2014. By the end of July 2014 around 2,200 erased persons filed compensation claims with administrative offices in Slovenia.
  • New publication (2014.08.12)
    0112956_work-and-the-challenges-of-belonging_300_mala.jpgThe book 'Work and the Challenges of Belonging Migrants in Globalizing Economies' was published by Cambrige Scholars Publishing. The book was edited by Mojca Pajnik and  Floya Anthias. It  engages with migrant work in globalizing economies, both in the EU and worldwide, to explore the relationships between work and the complexity of migrant belonging in transnational spaces.
    Content and first chapter.