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Gudielines for Media Policy Revision in Slovenia

The group of individuals and organisations, working in the media field (Union of Journalists, Association of Journalists, dr. Sandra Bašić Hrvatin, Iztok Jurančič, Brankica Petković, Grega Repovž, Jernej Rovšek, Špela Stare, Matej Šurc and Blaž Zgaga) has presented the Guidelines for Media Policy Revision in Slovenia. The Guidelines were made on the initiative of Blaž Zgaga and Matej Šurc, who also gave initiative for an earlier petition which in September 2007 was signed by more than 500 journalists in Slovenia. In writing these Guidelines we drew on the recommendations that were a result of research projects and studies conducted by the Peace Institute in the past, the analysis and discussions by the Slovenian Association of Journalists and the Union of Slovene Journalists, and on the proposals for the amendments to the existing law which the above-mentioned organizations presented, albeit without success, at the time when the legislative amendment procedure was underway.

The Guidelines have been sent to the organizations and individuals concerned with media policy with aim to stimulate a debate on media's operation and their role. The list of addressees includes the protagonists of the media industry, journalists, academic theoreticians, civil activists, and political parties. Given that the preparations for the parliamentary elections in September are currently in full swing, we wish to encourage political parties to reflect on these guidelines and take a stance on the important strategic issues concerning the future development and operation of the media in Slovenia.

Full text of the Guidelines for media policy revision in English is available here