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South East European Media Observatory
NNS South East European Media Observatory  xxs.jpgProject 'South East European Media Observatory' nurture and foster prominent role of civil society in the media reform processes in the countries of South East Europe. Website is a informational platform about public debates on media freedom and pluralism, particularly addressing impact of media ownership and political clientelism.
Buča knjigotrštvo d.o.o.
Kolarjeva 47
1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 1 230 65 80
fax: +386 1 230 65 85
Contact Person: Ana Grča

The Erased: Information and documents

At the 20th anniversary of the 'erasure' from the register of permanent residence, an act of authorities who in 1992 unlawfully deprived 25.000 people of their legal status, the Peace Institute set up a new website with key information about the erasure, internal instructions used to order the erasure, and its consequences. A special part of the website is dedicated to legal assistance for the erased people as it contains forms and guidelines for regularization of their legal status in Slovenia. This website with content in three languages (Slovenian, English and BHS) was set up to serve the erased people as well as domestic and international public.
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