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Aleksandru Todoroviću
Aleksandru Todoroviću, neumornemu borcu za pravice izbrisanih, se želi Mirovni inštitut pokloniti z žalno knjigo, ki jo bomo objavili na spletni strani http://www.mirovni-institut.si/izbrisani/.

Cenili bomo, če nam boste vaše misli posredovali preko e-naslova info@mirovni-institut.si, spletnega obrazca na spletni strani http://www.mirovni-institut.si/izbrisani/zalna-knjiga-aleksandar-todorovic/
ter facebook profila Mirovnega inštituta in se z nami poklonili življenju človeka, ki je v vseh nas pustil neizbrisen pečat.

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The Scars of the Erasure – Peace Institute Book Launch Event

The Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies cordially invites you to “The Scars of the Erasure – Peace Institute Book Launch Event, which will take place on Thursday, 24 February 2011 at 2 p.m. at Cankarjev dom, Lili Novy Literary Club.

The Peace Institute book “The Scars of the Erasure. A Contribution to the Critical Understanding of the Erasure from the Register of Permanent Residence of the Republic of Slovenia” was first published in 2010 in Slovenian language. A year after we are proud to present an English translation of this work which is a joint result of seven authors coming from three academic institutions. In the book the erasure is portrayed within various contexts – economic and political transition, establishing of the common European migration policy, human rights, health issues, nationalism, language rights and emancipation movements. By putting the erasure in these contexts the book aims to achieve a broader understanding of this measure of unlawful deprivation of legal status of the people. The book, which is dedicated to Aleksandar Todorović, a man at the forefront of the fight for the erased people’s rights, is illustrated with excerpts from the 80 testimonies provided by victims of this measure.

Authors and speakers:
Veronika Bajt, PhD, Peace Institute
Neža Kogovšek, MA, Peace Institute
Uršula Lipovec Čebron, MA, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
Brankica Petković, MA, Peace Institute
Sara Pistotnik, anthropologist, independent consultant
Lana Zdravković, Peace Institute
Jelka Zorn, PhD, Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana

The event will be moderated by Brankica Petković, co-author and co-editor of the book and director of Media Program at the Peace Institute. 
At the event promotional copies of the book will be available free of charge. There will also be an opportunity to discuss current situation concerning the issue of erasure in Slovenia and abroad, with the authors of the book as well as with the legal counsel for the erased people Katarina Vučko and with Blaž Kovač from Amnesty International Slovenia.

The language of the event is English. You are kindly requested to confirm your participation at neza.kogovsek@mirovni-institut.si or at 01/234-77-20.  

Publishing of the book was made possible by Open Society Foundations.


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