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Building Capacity for Pro Bono Work of Lawyers in Slovenia

Project started: 2008.06.01
Project finished: 2010.06.30

Project leader: Neža Kogovšek Šalamon

Theme: Human rights

Purpose and goals:
The main goal of the project is to build capacity of attorneys, in-house lawyers and individual lawyers for pro bono practice in matters of vulnerable groups in need of legal assistance, when they are not eligible for or able to obtain free legal aid, and this way to leverage private resources for the public good.

  1. Conducting a survey among attorneys, in-house lawyers and individual lawyers, by an electronic questionnaire, and analyzing the survey outcomes, to gather information needed for further project implementation.
  2. Conducting a study of existing laws and policies as a basis for pro bono practice, examining the obstacles for its development, and issuing recommendations to policy makers and relevant actors for systemic change.
  3. Promoting pro bono practice through publishing a leaflet, organizing two public events hosting key national and international actors and supporters of pro bono practice, and informing the media.
  4. Networking via e-mail, visits, conferences, project presentations and invitations to relevant actors for undertaking a role of a supporting partner.
  5. Establishing a Clearinhouse where non-governmental organizations and their beneficiaries may obtain free services of attorneys, provided that the attorneys who are members f the pro bono network are willing to provide such services. For information on eligibility and functioning of the Clearinhouse please write to In spite of the fact that the project officially ended on 30 June 2010, the Clearinghouse continues to operate within the Peace Institute. Non-governmental organizations and their beneficiaries who have the need for free services of the attorney, which they cannot obtain in accordance with the Free Legal Aid Act, are invited to write to
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