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Conflict Resolution in the Community, REKOS Group

Project started: 2000.01.01
Project finished: 2007.01.25

Project leader: Mojca Frelih

Theme: Human rights

Purpose and goals:
REKOS - Resolving Conflicts in the Community

The project is a follow-up to the series of workshops on the conflict resolution and mediation, organized by the Peace Institute in the years 1997-2000.

The consequences of war and new social, political and ethnical conflicts in Slovenia and other countries of South-Eastern Europe demand new approaches in to resolving disagreements.

The main objectives of the project:

  • To develop a model of education for conflict resolution;
  • To train a group of people in conflict-resolution skills;
  • To act as a mediator and initiate a dialogue between social, ethnic and other minority groups.
  • Implementation:
    Project team: Elizabeta Kirn, Ernesta Koprivc, Mojca Manček, Meta Privšek, Katarina Višnar, Ksenija Šabec
    Peace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Municipality of Ljubljana - Youth Office