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Media Watch - Project for Monitoring, Research and Reporting on Media Policy and Media Practices

Project started: 1998.01.01
Project finished: 2013.12.31

Project leader: Brankica Petković

Theme: Media

Purpose and goals:
The Media Watch project comprises the study and monitoring of the mass media in Slovenia and resulting reports on their work. The related essays and articles are published in the Media Watch bulletin and Media Watch bi-lingual book series. The project commenced towards the end of 1997 with the first publications appearing in March 1998. It brings together researchers in media practices, journalists, students and other people interested in the quality and openness of the Slovene media. Consequently, the project itself is open to initiatives and new participants. The point of departure for this project was awareness of the importance of journalism and public expression for the openness of public space and for maintaining control over the work of public and other power centers.