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Racism and Xenophobia in Post-Socialism

Project started: 2000.01.01
Project finished: 2000.12.31

Project leader: Tonči Kuzmanić

Theme: Politics

Purpose and goals:
Xenophobic and racist discourses and certain agressive forms of actions are ever wider-spread in post-socialism. However they failed to elicit suitable (scientific and theoretical) analyses or response from society and the political public so far. The end goal of this resarch is to formulate social and institutional-political measures that could lead to the lowering of the treshold of tolerance towards xenophobic and racist incidents.

The goals of the project:

  • To formulate the theoretical basis for the interepretation of racism and xenophobia in post-socialist societies in order to assess the situation drawing on the historical developments and scientific knowledge in this field.
  • To analyze specific forms, practices and discourses of xenophobia and racism in post-socialism at the turn of the century, particularly in Slovenia.
Members of the Intolerance Monitor
The Intolerance Monitor, which has been formed to meet the objectives of this project, publishes a yearly report on intolerance in Slovenia.