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SIAPREM – Support for Intersectional Approach in Antidiscrimination Programs for Roma, Migrants and Elderly

Project started: 2010.12.01
Project finished: 2011.12.31

Project leader: Majda Hrženjak

Theme: Human rights

Purpose and goals:
In its research aspects project SIAPREM aims at developing new empirical evidence and analysis about the discrimination experienced by Roma women, female migrants and elderly women located at the intersections of ethnicity/race, gender, age, class and citizenship status. Following research activities will be carried out: individual interviews, expert interviews, policy analysis and collecting statistics. On the ground of empirical evidence the project's objective is to further elaborate integration of intersectional approach into the anti-discrimination policies and practices through manual and training courses on intersectionality and complex inequalities as well as by policy recommendations.
Peace Institute (coordinator)
Slovene Philanthropy
Slovenian Association of Pensioners Societies
European Union, Program Progress and Open Society Institut, New York.