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Finished projects

  • 16 Years Later: Political and Legal Aspects of Erasure in Slovenia
  • 1st Regional Training Session on Human Rights Education for Teachers and Activists from Southeastern Europe
  • A Long Way Home – Media and Political Discourses on the EU Integration of the »Western Balkans«
  • Achievements of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia – The Hague Tribunal
  • Activation of Intimate Citizenship: the Everyday-Life of Gays and Lesbians in Some New EU Member States and their Legal Protection
  • Active Citizenship: Towards Politics of Equality (Postdoctoral Research Project)
  • Advancing the Principles of the De-monopolization of Media Ownership: The Practice Intersections of Slovenia and Kazakhstan
  • Aeneas: Protection of Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Croatia and the Region
  • Alternative Media and New Public Settings
  • Analysis and Promotion of Policy Debate on the European Future of Turkey and Ukraine in Four Central European States
  • Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Training
  • At the Crossroads of Cultural Politics: The Western Balkans
  • Between Past and Future: What Means Political Thinking Today?
  • Building Capacity for Pro Bono Work of Lawyers in Slovenia
  • Building Roma Communiation Capacities in Slovenia
  • Capacity-Building for National Networks in the SEE Region
  • Changing Social Organization of Care and its Implications for Social Politics
  • Citizens in Diversity
  • Civil Society: Substance or Substitute
  • Comparative analysis of the development of culture in selected European cities