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Current projects

  • Awareness Raising and Education for Development and Culture (AWARD)
  • CoMiDe - Consistency of Migration and Development Policy
  • Cultural Encounters in Interventions Against Violence - CEINAV
  • Digital citizenship (DIG-CIT)
  • E-engagement against violence
  • Hate speech and populist othering in Europe through the racism, age, gender looking glass - RAGE
  • Knowledge Pays (Off): With Education and (Economic) Empowerment of Women Towards Gender Equality in Rwanda
  • LIGHT ON - Cross-community actions for combating the modern symbolism and languages of racism and discrimination
  • MIPEX - Migrant Integration Policy Index
  • National Focal Point of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • Rights on the Move – Rainbow Families in Europe
  • South East European Media Observatory: Building Capacities and Coalitions for Monitoring Media Integrity and Advancing Media Reforms
  • Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality