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Here you can find brief descriptions of our recent publications. These include the book series Media Watch, Intolerance Monitor Report – Media Watch, Politike (Politics), Politike – Symposion, EU Monitor and Svete krave (Sacred Cows), collected lectures delivered to the Workers and Punks University (Delavsko-punkerska univerza), and the quarterly Media Watch (Medijska preža). Our publications can be obtained from all major bookshops in Slovenia or by postal order at discount prices. Books that are out of print are accessible on-line at Peace Institute web page.


Media Watch
The bi-lingual series, Media Watch, is based on the project bearing the same name. It focuses on the monitoring and analysis of the mass media in Slovenia. The project was launched at the end of 1997 with the first publication appearing in March 1998. It brings together media researchers, journalists and other individuals concerned with the quality and openness of the media space in Slovenia. The project is open to new initiatives and contributing authors. The starting point for this project was belief that journalism and public speech significantly influence the openness of social spaces and determine the level of control the public has over authorities and other centres of power. The editor of Media Watch series is Brankica Petković.

Intolerance Monitor Report - Media Watch
Intolerance monitor is an annual report, published by the Peace Institute. It features analyses of various forms of intolerance emerging in Slovenia. The report does not focus only on media discourses as it also brings analyses of discourses and praxis of exclusions from other walks of social life. A special attention is devoted to institutionalized forms of intolerance and theoretical discussions about issues related to tolerance and intolerance. The editors of Intolerance Monitor Report series are Sabina Autor and Roman Kuhar.

The series Politike addresses a range of issues pertaining to civil society and public policies. The essays in this series mainly proceed from policy and other research studies conducted by the Peace Institute's researchers and other regular contributors. The target readership includes civil society experts, policy makers, university teachers, students and researchers as well as all those interested in recent developments in the humanities and social sciences. The editor of the Politike series is Aldo Milohnić.

This is a sub-series of Politike dedicated to the proceedings of international projects carried out by the Peace Institute and its partners. The subjects are dealt with from an international perspective and include the issues of public policy that are frequently concealed from the public eye. The editor of this sub-series is Mojca Pajnik.

EU Monitor
The EU Monitor series has been designed with the aim of encouraging critical considerations of the EU, the enlargement process, and Slovenia's accession to the EU. Studies in this series addresses various EU policies in an attempt to create a space for public debate on various areas of social and political life. The editor of the EU Monitor series is Mojca Pajnik.

Workers-Punks University
This series comprises several volumes of lecturers delivered to the Workers and Punks University of the Peace Institute. The texts are based on revised recordings of the lecturers including the most interesting topics from the discussions. This series is recomended to everyone interested in current political reflection. The editor of Workers and Punks University series is Cilir Oberstar.

Sacred Cows (Pamflet edition)
Every society has its 'sacred cows' and post-socialist Slovenia is not an exception. The series of 'pamphlets' will tackle both individual sacred cows and entire herds. The first in line were the police, the media, Bush and NATO. Others wait their turn. The editor of Sacred Cows series is Tonči Kuzmanić.

Other publications
Other publications contains manuals, collections of documents or of scientific papers. Publications are focused on human rights, politics, gender studies, cultural policy and media.

Research reports
Research Reports of the Peace Institute Fellows.