Lev Kreft

Lev.jpgPh.D., Professor of Aesthetics at the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana). Published books (Struggle on the Artistic Left, 1989; Aesthetics and Mission, 1994) and articles on aesthetics in many Slovenian and other (Poland, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Portugal…) journals specialised in aesthetics, philosophy, and cultural studies. In 2000, with the help of EU Individual Research Grant, he studied representation in art and politics as senior research felow at the Centre for the Study of Democracy (University of Westminster, dir. John Keane) in London (GB). In recent years, he has been engaged with philosophy of sport as well, as initiator and president of the European Association for Philosophy of Sport, member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Philosophy of Sport, and member of editorial board of journal "Sport, Ethics and Philosophy" (Routledge).

During his political (M.P. in two terms, 1990 – 1996, Deputy Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament 1993-1996) and public career engaged on minority rights, gender politics and equal opportunities, alternative culture and cultural politics, migration and refugeee protection, and other issues concerning standards, advocacy and implementation of human rights.
President of Board at the Peace Institute (2000 – 2004), Executive Director of the Peace Institute from October 2004 on. Member of the editorial board of journal "Borec" (The Fighter).


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