Majda Hrženjak, PhD


Neoliberalism sees economic growth and technological innovations as the only means of social progress. It overlooks that in last century important social innovations were inspired by civil society movements for equality like feminism, antiracism, fight for human rights, movements for the rights of gays and lesbians and people with disabilities.
– Majda Hrženjak on the progressiveness of equality

PhD, sociologist, is acting as a research fellow, coordinator and manager of national and international projects at the Peace Institute. Her current research topics are social policies, gender studies and cultural studies. She is the author of two books: Invisible Work (2007), and Symbolic. The Selected Chapters from French Structuralism (2002), and the editor of Making her Up: Women’s Magazines in Slovenia (2002). She has published extensively on discursive analysis, cultural education, gender and social politics related to employment and care work.



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Book chapters

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Original scientific articles

  • Hrženjak, M. (2014): Globalization of care and situation of Slovenian care workers in Italy. Two Homelands 2014/40: 57-71.
  • Elli Scambor, Nadja Bergmann, Katarzyna Wojnicka, Sophia Belghiti-Mahut, Jeff Hearn, Øystein Gullvag Holter, Marc Gartner, Majda Hrženjak, Christian Scambor, and Alan White (forthcoming): Men and Gender Equality: European Insights. Men and Masculinities, 2014, Vol. 17(5) 552-577.
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  • Hrženjak, Majda. (Neformalno) skrbstveno delo in družbene neenakosti. Teor. praksa, 2010, letn. 47, št. 1, str. 156-171.

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