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EU migration policy at the declarative level speaks of protection of human rights and humanitarianism, lately also about the moral duty to save migrants from the Mediterranean. But in fact it is a policy of criminalization of migrants, racism and creating divisions – we have the “first world” and people from the “third world “. /… / We have been listening for years how “migrants invade us and steal our jobs”. Most politicians, left and right, united in a European center, advocate the same policy. The only difference is in speeches that get moderated, however, what is jointly advocated is the regime of borders and of walls, which once again grow at the borders of Europe.
– Mojca Pajnik, Dnevnik

Mojca Pajnik is research counsellor at the Peace Institute and lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. She earned her PhD from communications in 2005 at the University of Ljubljana. She has published several edited volumes and books, amon them Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration: Theory and Practice (ed. with F. Anthias, Palgrave, 2014), Racism: Cut Up World (with E. Valenčič, Journal for the Critique of Science, 2015), Alternative Media and the Politics of Resistance: Perspective and Challenges (ed. with J. D. H. Downing, PI, 2008), Prostitution and Human Trafficking: Gender, Labour and Migration Aspects (PI, 2008). She is author of several articles and book chapters on citizenship, migration regimes, gender (in)equality, racism and alternative media. She is active as editorial board member of Migration and Ethnic Themes, Journal of Alternative and Community Media and Družboslovne razprave. She has been a guest lecturer and researcher at the University of Florence, the Central European University in Budapest, the University of Helsinki and Loughborough University.


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