The Erased - Information and documents

Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.



Dispatch 24.9.1999

After the Constitutional Court in decision no. U-I-284/94 determined that the erasure was an unlawful act of the Administrative Offices, it also ruled on several constitutional appeals in which individual erased persons complained due to illegal deprivation of the legal status. In decision no. Up-333/96 by which the Court ruled in one of such individual cases, the Constitutional Court has ordered the Ministry of the Interior to re-enter the appellant in the register of permanent residents, for the purpose of elimination of violation, until the adoption of the Act Regulating the Legal Status of Citizens of Former Yugoslavia Living in the Republic of Slovenia (ZUSDDD) according to which their status will be considered again.

It is surprising how far-reaching consequences the decision no. Up-333/96 had. When this decision was issued, the Ministry of the Interior addressed a circular of 24 September 1999 to the Administrative Units with the attached list of some of the erased, by which the Administrative Units were ordered to re-enter these persons in the register of permanent residents on their request, to issue them a certificate of registration of residence, certificate of household files and driving licence, if they request it and fulfil other legal requirements for it.