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Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.


21. October 2013

Opinion Editorial by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks

Now a final, joint attempt by the Slovene government, Parliament and civil society is to be made to reconsider all open questions and to find fair and lasting solutions for all victims of the erasure. The adoption of a new law encompassing such improvements is not only a crucial step to fully remedy past wrongs, but also a necessary act to acknowledge the State’s responsibility for the erasure and to prevent a recurrence of similar human rights violations. Continue reading

They would go but I stayed in Slovenia, ten or eleven years. Like every child, I missed the seaside, my grandma. My grandma in Bosnia, where we used to go for holidays before that, was very old, and I only wanted her to live, not to die, so that I could see her once again. My grandpa died in 1994, but I couldn’t go to the funeral – it was very hard for me. We were locked in this country. I felt literally like a prisoner. I couldn’t go anywhere – it was such a strange feeling.

from As if I were climbing Mount Everest

drzavni zbor

27. September 2013

National Assembly discussed the Draft Law on compensations for damage to persons erased from the register of permanent residence

On 24 September 2012 National Assembly approved the first reading of the Draft Law on compensations for damage to persons who have been erased from the register of permanent residence (the Draft Law). The European Court of Human Rights demanded the adoption of the Act in the judgment Kurić and others v. Slovenia in 2012. The Draft Law provides for recognition of the right to compensation for only around 10,000 persons (of total 25,671) that already arranged permanent residence permit in Slovenia or Slovenian citizenship. For this group the Draft Law predicts 40 EUR of lump sum compensation for each month of the erasure, which will be enforced in an administrative procedure. The excess up to 2.5 times the lump sum will be possible to require before the courts in Slovenia. Continue reading

Fotografija pritožnikov s podporniki in odvetnikoma pred ESČP

9. July 2013

Mass claims of erased persons filed before the European Court of Human Rights

Since the Government failed to comply with the pilot-judgment by missing the time-limit set therein, the only remedy for the victims of the erasure still lies with the European Court of Human Rights. Hundreds of erased persons filed their complaints on 27th June and on 3rd of July 2013, claiming the same violations that the Court has already found in Kurić and asking the Court to rule on their compensation claims irrespective of whether in the future Slovenia will set up an appropriate domestic remedy for that purpose. Continue reading


14. May 2013

The deadline for an ad hoc mechanism for recognition of compensations to the erased people remains 26 June 2013

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia addressed a request for prolongation of this deadline for additional year to the Court, but the Court replied it is not competent for prolongation of deadlines from its judgements and that Slovenian Government should address its request to The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Therefore, the deadline remains 26 June 2013. Continue reading


12. November 2012

Peace Institute wins PASOS Think-Tank Achievement Award 2012

The Peace Institute was awarded the PASOS Think-Tank Achievement Award 2012. “The project of the Peace Institute is for me a shining example of the way how any civil society organization should function within a society and for the benefit of the society,” said award juror Gabriela Svárovská, a member of the board of the European Partnership for Democracy and former director of the Human Rights & Transition Policy Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Continue reading

pro bono award2

28. October 2012

Italian attorneys of the erased people and the Peace Institute received PILnet’s 2012 European Pro Bono Award

The Peace Institute along with the Italian attorneys Andrea Saccucci and Anton Giulio Lana received PILnet’s 2012 European Pro Bono Award for exemplary partnership in the public interest. The award was bestowed in Madrid at the closing ceremony of the 6th European Pro Bono Forum hosted by PILnet – The Global Network for Public Interest Law, and was accepted by attorney Antion Giulio Lana and Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, the director of the Peace Institute. Continue reading