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Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.

Naslovnica knjige Zgodbe izbrisanih prebivalcev

20. October 2014

Stories of the Erased (Zgodbe izbrisanih prebivalcev)

The erased wrote their stories together with students of the Faculty of Social Work and Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. These are stories about the courage, innovation, surviving strategies and hope, that are revealing new or less known aspects of the erasure and its consequences. Continue reading


21. February 2012

Once Upon an Erasure: From Citizens to Illegal Residents in the Republic of Slovenia

This thematic issue of the Journal for the Critique of Science, “Once Upon an Erasure: From Citizens to Illegal Residents in the Republic of Slovenia,” puts questions such as the formation of Slovenian citizenship after independence, media silence, exclusion of the erased from the health care system, violations of international law, liability issues and the creation of organized innocence in the centre of our attention.

Authors: Marta Gregorčič, Vlasta Jalušič, Neža Kogovšek, Andrej Kurnik, Uršula Lipovec Čebron, Borut Mekina, Igor Mekina, Marta Stojić, Imma Tuccillo Castaldo, Svetlana Vasović, Boris Vezjak, Jelka Zorn and Sara Pistotnik. Interviews with Aleksandar Todorović, Aleksander Doplihar, Roberto Pignoni and Boris A. Novak.

Journal for the Critique of Science, for Imagination and New Anthropology, Študentska založba, Ljubljana, 2008. Continue reading


20. February 2012

The Erased: Organized Innocence and the Politics of Exclusion

This book is composed of a foreword by Vlasta Jalušič which delineates the political background which paved the road for violations of human rights and subsequent strategies of justifications, and two studies: Jasminka Dedić explains various legal aspects of the erasure, while Jelka Zorn presents an ethnographic study including the erased people’s testimonies.

Authors: Jasminka Dedić, Vlasta Jalušič, Jelka Zorn

Peace Institute, Ljubljana, 2003 Continue reading