The Erased - Information and documents

Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.

Depeša 26.6.1991

18. February 2012


The Ministry of the Interior warns about the changed legal status of the citizens of other former Yugoslav republics living in Slovenia and defines two groups of citizens of other republics and methods for addressing them. Continue reading

Depeša 30.7.1991

18. February 2012


The Ministry of the Interior sent a new internal instruction to the Local Administrative Offices, which was a result of the adoption of the Brioni Declaration of 7 July 1991 and the three-month Moratorium on the implementation of the Declaration of Independence of Slovenia. In this instruction the Ministry changed the standpoint on how citizens of other republics should be dealt with. Continue reading

Depeša 5.2.1992

18. February 2012


When the Ministry of the Interior began with preparations for the erasure from the registry of permanent residents and for the destruction of personal documents, it organized consultations for the representatives of the Local Administrative Offices regarding the new independence legislation. After the consultations they published instructions on issuing visas, temporary or permanent residence permits, termination of residence, deportations and dealing with personal documents of foreigners. Continue reading

Depeša 18.2.1992

18. February 2012


The Ministry of the Interior addressed the position of the construction workers from other former Yugoslav republics by a special dispatch that provided its standpoint on the issue of the construction workers who have not acquired Slovenian citizenship after the independence of Slovenia and have thus become foreign citizens working for Slovenian construction companies. Continue reading

Depeša 27.2.1992

18. February 2012


On the day after 26 February 1992, which was set as the day when the Aliens Act would apply for the citizens of other republics that did not acquire Slovenian citizenship (the date of erasure), the Ministry of the Interior sent an instruction to Local Administrative Offices ordering the erasure from the register or permanent residents. Continue reading

Depeša 4.6.1992

18. February 2012


A letter that the Minister of the Interior, Bavčar addressed to the government, is one of the crucial documents for understanding the erasure, the role of the Minister of the Interior at that time, and the question on whether the government was aware of the Minister’s and Ministry’s actions. Continue reading

Depeša 15.6.1992

18. February 2012


When the erasure from the register of permanent residents was in full swing, the Ministry of the Interior organized another consultation for employees of the Local Administrative Offices where they gave them even more detailed instructions so that the erasure could be implemented consistently and in detail. At this consultation, the officials responsible for keeping the register of permanent residents were given additional instructions on how to implement the erasure and how to deal with the household files. Continue reading

Depeša 16.9.1992

18. February 2012


The government adopted a decision based on which the Ministry, when dealing with applications for permanent residence, had to take into account, that the condition of a three-year uninterrupted residence in Slovenia based on the temporary residence permits, is fulfilled also if the foreigner had a permanent residence registered in Slovenia at least three years before the provisions of the Aliens Act applied, and that he or she also de facto lived in Slovenia during that time. Continue reading

Depeša 17.11.1992

18. February 2012


Considering the fact that the erased remained without any legal status, the provisions regarding issuing visas became relevant for them as well. This dispatch defines some of the viewpoints on issuing visas after the independence. Continue reading

Depeša 15.9.1995

18. February 2012


With this dispatch the Ministry of the Interior gives the Local Administrative Offices an explanation on when the provisions of the Aliens Act (Article 81) apply for a foreigner, citizen of one of the former Yugoslav republics, who applied for the Slovenian citizenship according to the Article 40 of the Citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia Act and the decision on termination of the procedure due to non-cooperation was issued. Continue reading

Depeša 4.3.1996

18. February 2012


With this dispatch the Ministry of the Interior answers the questions concerning duration and the number of open administrative procedures in matters of legal status of foreigners, namely procedures for acquiring temporary and permanent residence permits for foreigners and procedures for acquiring Slovenian citizenship. The problem of officers of the former Yugoslav Army, who resided in Slovenia already for decades and claim to have been involuntarily erased from the register of residents and were therefore without any identification documents for a fifth year, was especially pointed out. Continue reading

Depeša 24.9.1999

18. February 2012


This dispatch reveals the effect that one of the Constitutional Court’s decisions of 1996, by which the Court ruled in one of the individual cases of the erased that appealed due to illegal deprivation of the legal status, had. Continue reading

Depeša 11.4.2008

18. February 2012

11/4/2008 and 2/12/2002

According to the testimonies of the erased, detentions in the Aliens Centre were most common in 1990s, while such cases were recorded also in the following decade. The existence of the internal instruction of the General Police Directorate to all Police Directorates of 2002 confirms that such cases were not rare. Continue reading