The Erased - Information and documents

Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.


About the practices of officials in the procedures for issuing permanent residence permit

Recently some of the erased that have submitted their applications for the permanent residence permit under the ZUSDDD-B on time (before 24 July 2013), and are therefore in the process of arranging their status, have informed us about unacceptable practices of the officials. A significant number of the erased are waiting for the first response of the administrative unit for more than half a year (since they have submitted the applications). Those that have already turned to the administrative units for the explanation have mostly received the answer that due to a large number of submitted applications the administrative units are not able to process them faster. Administrative units should decide on applications within two months; however the procedures often last around one year or even longer.

Some of the erased have also informed us that the administrative units and Slovenian embassies in other countries do not provide accurate information regarding the regulation of the status, the procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit or about recently adopted law on compensations. Also, some have informed us about completely unacceptable questions they have been asked during the hearings at the administrative authorities. We are listing some of these questions:
 Would you apply for permanent residence permit under ZUSDDD if Slovenia did not give compensations?
 Who suggested you should submit the application?
 Did someone suggest you submit the application and tell you that you can get a lot of money? Who was that and where?
 Are you applying for residence permit only because of the compensation?
 Why did you not arrange or try to arrange your status before, since the law has been in force for more than 20 years? (Note: it is not clear which law the official referred to since ZUSDDD was adopted in 1999 but until 2010 did not enable the erased that have been forced to live abroad for a longer period to arrange their status – this was possible only after the 2010 novel – ZUSDDD-B )
 Who filled in the form and who submitted the application?
 Who helped you to prepare the application for permanent residence permit under ZUSDDD and who wrote your cv and other attachments in Slovenian language?

We call upon the officials running the procedures for issuing permanent residence permits under ZUSDDD-B, to follow deadlines set by the legislation and to give full and accurate information to people. We urge them to lead the hearings of the clients correctly and to focus on questions that are actually relevant for conditions set by the law (ZUSDDD-B) for issuing permanent residence permit.

It happens all too often that the authority (as is apparent from the above list of questions) raises questions that are not relevant for the conditions and are misleading and offensive towards the erased, while questions that are actually important for deciding on applications remain unresolved. Therefore the erased often do not have a real possibility to point out all the facts relevant to their case, and thus effectively exercise their rights in administrative proceedings.