The Erased - Information and documents

Assistance to the erased persons in regulating their legal status and awareness raising of the public on the erasure and the status of remedying the violations.


20. October 2014

About the practices of officials in the procedures for issuing permanent residence permit

Some of the erased have also informed us that the administrative units and Slovenian embassies in other countries do not provide accurate information regarding the regulation of the status, the procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit or about recently adopted law on compensations. Also, some have informed us about completely unacceptable questions they have been asked during the hearings at the administrative authorities. We are listing some of these questions: Continue reading


21. October 2013

Opinion Editorial by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks

Now a final, joint attempt by the Slovene government, Parliament and civil society is to be made to reconsider all open questions and to find fair and lasting solutions for all victims of the erasure. The adoption of a new law encompassing such improvements is not only a crucial step to fully remedy past wrongs, but also a necessary act to acknowledge the State’s responsibility for the erasure and to prevent a recurrence of similar human rights violations. Continue reading

drzavni zbor

27. September 2013

National Assembly discussed the Draft Law on compensations for damage to persons erased from the register of permanent residence

On 24 September 2012 National Assembly approved the first reading of the Draft Law on compensations for damage to persons who have been erased from the register of permanent residence (the Draft Law). The European Court of Human Rights demanded the adoption of the Act in the judgment Kurić and others v. Slovenia in 2012. The Draft Law provides for recognition of the right to compensation for only around 10,000 persons (of total 25,671) that already arranged permanent residence permit in Slovenia or Slovenian citizenship. For this group the Draft Law predicts 40 EUR of lump sum compensation for each month of the erasure, which will be enforced in an administrative procedure. The excess up to 2.5 times the lump sum will be possible to require before the courts in Slovenia. Continue reading

Fotografija pritožnikov s podporniki in odvetnikoma pred ESČP

9. July 2013

Mass claims of erased persons filed before the European Court of Human Rights

Since the Government failed to comply with the pilot-judgment by missing the time-limit set therein, the only remedy for the victims of the erasure still lies with the European Court of Human Rights. Hundreds of erased persons filed their complaints on 27th June and on 3rd of July 2013, claiming the same violations that the Court has already found in Kurić and asking the Court to rule on their compensation claims irrespective of whether in the future Slovenia will set up an appropriate domestic remedy for that purpose. Continue reading

Fotografija pritožnikov s podporniki in odvetnikoma pred ESČP

14. September 2012

First compensations paid to the erased people

Today the Republic of Slovenia paid compensation of 20.000 EUR for non-pecuniary damages to the each of the six erased people who were applicants in the case Kurić and others v. Slovenia, decided by the European Court of Human Rights on 26 June 2012. These are the first ever paid compensations received by the victims of unlawful deprivation of legal status that took place in 1992. Continue reading

Pot v Strasbourg na ESČP, 5.-6.7.2011

12. July 2012

I belong to the group of erased persons. How can I claim compensation?

Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 26 June 2012 opened up a possibility for claiming compensation for damages caused to the erased people by deprivation of their legal status. Namely, until now claiming compensation before Slovenian courts was not successful. The European Court awarded compensation to six applicants as well as ordered Slovenia to set up a compensation scheme for erased persons, within one year since the delivery of the judgment. Continue reading

Fotografija sejne sobe

24. February 2012

Session of the Parliamentary Commission for Petitions on the Erasure

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the erasure a public session of the parliamentary Commission for Petitions, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities was help upon initiative of NGOs. At the session representatives of the erased, experts, and NGOs briefed MPs about the situation concerning available remedies for rights violations, pointed at the lack of available measures and underlined the need for further action directed at elimination of the consequences of the violation. Continue reading

Antifašistični protest 26.4.2006

17. February 2012

20 Years of Erasure

Twenty years ago on 26 February 1992 the Slovenian authorities erased 25.671 people from the register of permanent residence and deprived them of their legal status. This act was committed without any basis in the law. The fact that the erasure was an unlawful act was also determined by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia. Continue reading