MI 20 – the 20th anniversary of the Peace Institute

Talk9 June 2011, 11:00 AM | AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana

What is one day in twenty years? A holiday. A holiday is a festive day, a day of celebration and a day to be filled with joy from dusk till dawn.
The Peace Institute has been working for twenty years now. We do what we do because we want to do it, can do it and know how to do it. And we sure know how to celebrate.
We invite you to Metelkova to celebrate 20th anniversary of existence, functioning, research and activism with us. What we did, created and preserved together, we would like to celebrate together! Many plans are yet to come but for now make a note in your calendar:
On Thursday, June 09 2011 we meet at Metelkova.
Find the enclosed full-day program. We start at eleven. Join us!
The Peace Institute collective,
and for it dr. Lev Kreft
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