Book edition: Politike Symposion

This is a sub-series of Politike dedicated to the proceedings of international projects carried out by the Peace Institute and its partners. The subjects are dealt with from an international perspective and include the issues of public policy that are frequently concealed from the public eye.

The editor of this sub-series is Mojca Pajnik.

Politics of care

Majda Hrženjak (ed.)

Politics of Care

2011 |

In this collection of papers authors from different European regions critically examine policy responses of different local, national or supranational, governmental or civil society, collective or individual policy actors...

Judit Takács, Roman Kuhar (FA, UL) (eds.)

Doing Families: Gay and Lesbian Family Practices

2011 |

The book is about specific frameworks within or without which family practices of gays and lesbians can be lived and interpreted in different countries.

Mojca Pajnik (ed.)

Precarious Migrant Labour Across Europe

2011 |

In this collection of papers various authors explore current trends of labour market stratification in relation to migration and integration policies in European societies.