Book edition: Intolerance Monitor Report

Intolerance monitor is an annual report, published by the Peace Institute. It features analyses of various forms of intolerance emerging in Slovenia. The report does not focus only on media discourses as it also brings analyses of discourses and praxis of exclusions from other walks of social life. A special attention is devoted to institutionalized forms of intolerance and theoretical discussions about issues related to tolerance and intolerance.

The editors of Intolerance Monitor Report series are Sabina Autor and Roman Kuhar.

Roman Kuhar (ed.)

Intolerance Monitor Report 06

2008 |

Analysis of popular notions of political (non)correctness.

Roman Kuhar (ed.)

Intolerance Monitor Report 05

2006 |

Analysis of the freedom and equality of religious and nonreligious choices in Slovenia.

Roman Kuhar (ed.)

Intolerance Monitor Report 04

2005 |

Analysis of the various forms of intolerance in the Slovenian society.