Peace Institute Membership

The Peace Institute is an independent and non-profit organization. Our work is made possible by grants acquired through public procurement, and membership fees donated by members who believe in our work and support us.

We invite you to become our supporting member!

Who are our members?

The Peace Institute Membership Program was developed with an aim to strengthen the Institute’s mission. The program is aimed at individuals and organizations, that believe in the Peace Institute mission, support its public work and consider the institute’s activities as important for the community in Slovenia as well and internationally. The membership program has several goals. The first goal is to increase the presence of the Institute and its researchers in the community, through networking with residents, companies, public institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations and embassies. The increased presence allows for an improved sharing of knowledge, exchange of ideas and points of view on various issues that fall in the Institute’s field of work, and consequently for increased opportunities to find responses to contemporary challenges.
This process entails networking both in-country as well as on the international level. The second goal is to additionally strengthen the responsiveness of the Institute to significant developments at home and abroad. Within its capacity the Institute already responds to processes and events relevant for the fields of its work, however, through the membership program it aims to establish new forms and ways of intensifying these responses. The third goal is to diversify our sources of funding and thereby ensure sustainable development and independence from specific funding sources. This independence will further contribute to the first two goals of the membership program – presence in the community and strengthening the responsiveness to public developments.

Becoming a member

Members of the Peace Institute have the following benefits:

  • Obtaining regular information on the activities of the Institute through PI newsletter
  • Access to free publications of the Peace Institute, including studies and analyses (with the exception of studies prepared on the basis of tenders which based on their contract become the sole property of the contracting authority. These tenders make up a small percentage of the Institute’s work)
  • Free access to lectures, discussions and meetings with renowned experts in the fields of humanities and social sciences
  • 20 % discount for trainings and conferences of the Institute for which a participation fee is required
  • Peace Institute Library membership
  • Listing of the member’s name on the Peace Institute website (with prior permission of the member).
Natural persons
50 EUR
Non-governmental organizations:
180 EUR
Public law persons and embassies:
480 EUR
Micro* companies:
240 EUR
Small and medium enterprises:
480 EUR
Large companies:
1300 EUR

*Classification of micro, small, medium and large companies is defined in Article 55 of the Companies Act of the Republic of Slovenia.

The PI membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining. Based on the decision of the PI Managing Board of 5 December 2014, the PI applies a policy of automatic renewal, meaning that unless we hear from you by 15 December stating that you no longer wish to be a member in the following calendar year, your membership will be automatically renewed.

To become a member please fill out and submit the sign-up form below. For more information about the program please do not hesitate to contact us (phone: +386 1 234 77 20).

Membership form

Polja, označena z *, so obvezna.

By becoming a Peace Institute member I undertake the obligation to pay the annual membership fee for the following category (please mark):

Protection of personal data: Personal data is required for the Peace Institute membership scheme. In accordance with the law, the submitted information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected.

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