The series Politike addresses a range of issues pertaining to civil society and public policies. The essays in this series mainly proceed from policy and other research studies conducted by the Peace Institute’s researchers and other regular contributors.
The target readership includes civil society experts, policy makers, university teachers, students and researchers as well as all those interested in recent developments in the humanities and social sciences. The editor of the Politike series is Aldo Milohnić.

Ana Frank

Feminism and Islam. Turkish Women between the Orient and the West

2014 |

The author presents the critical views of women themselves, thereby unveiling the critical potential of plural life in Turkey.

Vlasta Jalušič (ed.)

War and Peace. Reflections of the Last Twenty Years

2011 |

The critical views on the functioning of the Institute, questions of war and peace in the former Yugoslavia and contemporary problems intermingling of peace and war.

Gal Kirn (ed.)

Post-Fordism. Discussions on Contemporary Capitalism

2010 |

The book is the result of theoretical work, which began in 2004, when the Workers' Punk University (WPU) organized a year on the topic of post-Fordism.