The EU Monitor series has been designed with the aim of encouraging critical considerations of the EU, the enlargement process, and Slovenia’s accession to the EU. Studies in this series addresses various EU policies in an attempt to create a space for public debate on various areas of social and political life.

The editor of the EU Monitor series is Mojca Pajnik.

Gorazd Kovačič (ed.)

Discussing the Transatlantic Gap: The Future of Euro-American Relations

2005 |

The aim of the book is to present various productive contributions to understanding the present transatlantic situation.

Mojca Pajnik, Simona Zavratnik Zimic (eds.)

Migration – Globalization – European Union

2003 |

Mobility is one of the fundamental features of modern times characterized primarily by the processes of economic, political, social and cultural globalization.

Matej Lozar

Scenarios for Institutional Reform in the EU. Before and After the Nice Summit

2002 |

The work deals with the formal equality of EU countries in the past, at present and at eventual (ie almost certain) enlargement.