The bi-lingual series, Media Watch, is based on the project bearing the same name. It focuses on the monitoring and analysis of the mass media in Slovenia.

The project was launched at the end of 1997 with the first publication appearing in March 1998. It brings together media researchers, journalists and other individuals concerned with the quality and openness of the media space in Slovenia.

The project is open to new initiatives and contributing authors. The starting point for this project was belief that journalism and public speech significantly influence the openness of social spaces and determine the level of control the public has over authorities and other centres of power.

The editor of Media Watch series is Brankica Petković.

Janez Polajnar, Marko Zajc

Ours and Yours. On the History of Slovenian Newspaper Discourse of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

2012 |

"The story of the emergence of Slovenian newspapers in the broad sense is at the same the story of the emergence of the creation of Slovenian nationalism."

Brankica Petković, Marko Prpič, Neva Nahtigal et al.

Media Preferences and Perceptions. A Survey Among Students, Ethnic Minorities and Politicians in Slovenia

2009 |

"Is the emergence of the so-called citizen journalism, made possible by digital technology, actually increasing the power and influence of citizens in relation to media and other power centres?"

A Long Way Home. Representations of the Western Balkans in Political and Media Discourses

2009 |

"Striving for EU membership is a prerequisite for the economic development of aspiring countries and their climb up the European hierarchy."