Every society has its ‘sacred cows’ and post-socialist Slovenia is not an exception. The series of ‘pamphlets’ will tackle both individual sacred cows and entire herds. The first in line were the police, the media, Bush and NATO. Others wait their turn.

The editor of Sacred Cows series is Tonči Kuzmanić.

Darij Zadnikar, Gorazd Kovačič, Janko Messer et al.

No to NATO – Give Us a Break!

2002 |

While the biggest controversies pertained to the issue of whether or not accession to NATO pays off, the authors in this book stress the issue of principle involved in...

Tonči Kuzmanić

The Police, the Media, UZI and WTC. Antiglobalism and Terrorism

2002 |

This is an analysis of the relationship between anti-globalism and terrorism.