Book edition: Other publications

Other publications contains manuals, collections of documents or of scientific papers. Publications are focused on human rights, politics, gender studies, cultural policy and media.

Majda Hrženjak (ed.)

Transformations of Fatherhood: Men between Parenthood and Work

2016 |

The monograph tackles problematic relations between the labour market and fatherhood.

Naslovnica knjige Očetje: Kratke zgodbe o sodobnem starševstvu

Iztok Šori, Živa Humer (eds.)

Fathers. Short Stories about Contemporary Parenthood

2016 |

The collection of 24 stories of men in Slovenia and Norway sharing dilemmas, conflicts, thoughts and feelings on their role of fathers.

Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, Veronika Bajt (eds.)

Razor-Wired. Reflections on Migrant Movements through Slovenia in 2015

2016 |

The goal is to present facts, explain changes in state policies and procedures used to “process” the refugees, and to analyse state, media and the general public’s responses.