Book edition: Other publications

Other publications contains manuals, collections of documents or of scientific papers. Publications are focused on human rights, politics, gender studies, cultural policy and media.

Veronika Bajt

Book / Ethnic Discrimination: Strategies of Research and Measurement

2023 |

The book presents in detail and critically evaluates different ways of “measuring” ethnic discrimination, breaking new ground in the field of empirical data collection on unequal treatment as well...

Brankica Petković, Sandra Bašić-Hrvatin

Characteristics of propaganda-oriented media systems

2022 |

A detailed presentation of how propaganda-oriented media systems work and why it is necessary to oppose them is presented in the following analysis.

Brankica Petković, Lana Zdravković

Preventing Hate Speech Online: Manual for Teachers

2021 |

This publication is developed with the idea to support secondary school teachers and school staff to better understand the phenomenon of hate speech and hate speech online, to become...