Polarization and the politics of division

Polarization and the politics of division

As part of the international study seminar Divided Societies (May 6-12), which traditionally takes place at the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik, this year we focused on the topic of polarization and the politics of division. The starting point of the seminar was current wars, inter-ethnic relations, political violence and changes in democracy brought about by social networks and new technologies.

In her lecture, Mojca Pajnik dealt with media transformations in the hybrid media reality and with thinking about the influence it has on the rise of authoritarian populism. She analysed how the policies and practices of autocratic rule, which are becoming more and more affective, influence the media, what media monopolization means for public debate, and how increasing polarization affects public opinion.

The seminar was attended by students and professors from several European countries, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, the USA, Canada and Palestine.

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