Nation-States and Xenophobias: In the Ruins of Former Yugoslavia

Nation-States and Xenophobias. In The Ruins of Former Yugoslavia

The book gathers proceedings of a seminar organized by the Peace Institute in Piran, 3-4 June 2005, funded by the East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders (Open Society Institute) and the Slovenian Research Agency.


Tonči Kuzmanić
An Attempt to Distinguish Nationalist from Volkisch Populist Movements, Practices and Ideologies – The Yugoslav Case

Petar Milat
The State of Exception and the Emergence of Racism: Zoran Đinđić’s Yugoslavia, an Unfinished State

Halima Sofradžija
Xenophobia as Political Fact: Contemplating Xenophobia in a Political Philosophy Framework

Veronika Bajt
Contemporary Slovenia and the “Other”

Slaviša Raković
We Are Not Like Them: Denial of the Other in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sabina Mihelj
The Mass Media and Nationalising States in the Post-Yugoslav Space