NATO - ZA in PROTI: Kratek vodič

NATO – Pro et Contra: A Citizen’s Manual

NATO – Pro and Contra: A Citizen’s Manual is the first and the only publication in Slovenia of its kind that brings an integral presentation of both pro and contra arguments concerning Slovenia’s accession to NATO. This manual arranges the elements of the lively debate on this issue and gives them an appropriate framework. It is a unique publication that clearly sorts the arguments both in support of and against the accession to NATO and could be of help to opinion makers and other citizens who would like to shape their own opinion about Slovenia’s accession to NATO. It is organized by individual topics ranging from international politics and security issues to economic and symbolical aspects and specific obligations arising from NATO membership. The authors gathered pro and contra arguments by surveying the most important print media, radio and television broadcasts, governmental documents and promotional material, NGOs web pages and several foreign studies from the period September 2001 to September 2002.