Lori Šramel Čebular

Expert Assistant

Lori Šramel Čebular is a master’s student of Media and communication studies at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana. Her primary focus lies in exploring the intersection of IC technologies, political engagement, and community organising, with a particular emphasis on researching the ways technology can be leveraged for the benefit of the people and communities.

In 2022 she conducted a research project at University of Warwick with the central focus of investigating the connection between the concept of cybersecurity, cryptography as a politicised lever of power and the use of digital media platforms in authoritarian regimes. She has worked as a radio journalist at Radio Študent covering the topics of student politics, organising, and surveillance; as a research officer and coordinator for the 2021 Iraq parliamentary election observing delegation for The Next Century Foundation and as an assistant project manager at Disruption Network laban organisation working at the intersection of culture, politics, technology and society with a central focus on exposing systems of power and illuminating interventions for political and social change.

At the Peace Institute she supports the project Affective media: transformations of public communication.

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