Urška Hartman

Assistant Office Manager

Urška Hartman graduated in 2007 from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, in the field of anthropology of migration. She first worked at the Gea2000 Foundation and at the Slovenian Philanthropy as the project manager of the EQUAL project, which aimed to improve the labour market conditions for asylum seekers. Later, she worked for several years at the Voluntariat Institute, where she worked on a number of local and international projects promoting international volunteering, sustainable development, education, inclusion of deprivileged groups, etc. She was also part of the team that laid the foundations for the social enterprise Skuhna.

She then moved from the NGO sector to the private sector for a few years, where she ran a publishing house specialising in the development, publishing and marketing of board games. They have developed and published more than 50 of their own board games, many for educational purposes and many in cooperation with NGOs. Despite her highly creative publishing work, she missed the NGO sector too much, so in 2023 she joined the Peace Institute as an Assistant office manager.