4th Citizen Panel in Zagreb on youth, culture, and education

4th Citizen Panel in Zagreb on youth, culture, and education

On 22 September, the 4th Citizen Panel of the Parliament for the Future of Europe project took place in Zagreb. The aim of the project is to put a diverse group of people, especially from marginalised and under-represented groups, at the centre of the debate on the future of Europe. All six partners of the project brought together a diverse group of participants to discuss proposals on youth, culture and education.

The event was organised in Zagreb (Croatia) by the project partner Lota’s box. After an initial overview of the existing recommendations, participants heard from Enea Dessardo, Deputy UN Youth Delegate for Croatia, who spoke about the strategies to empower young people and actively involve them in EU policies. This was followed by breakout groups where participants discussed the possibilities of improving the education, culture and youth inclusion.

Two more lectures followed after the participants were involved in the development of proposals. Maja Sever, President of European Journalist Federation, focused mainly on media freedom, the issue of spyware and the protection of journalists. Marko Kovačić, University professor in Youth Studies, highlighted the current challenges that young people face, and presented the opportunities the European Union offers to young people. Finally, all participants took note of the new recommendations and added their comments.

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