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General terms and conditions of use of the Peace Institute website

1. General provisions

The Peace Institute (Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, registration number 5498295) is the owner of the website and of the domain

By using the website (surfing, opening links, reading the content etc.) and applications (subscribing to e-newsletter or the membership program etc.) it is considered that the website visitor consents with the general terms and conditions specified herein. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions specified herein please do not use this website.

The Peace Institute may amend these terms and conditions and publish the new version on this website at any time without any prior notice.
These general terms and conditions are valid for the entire website and all its parts, such as sub-websites and applications running on this website, if not specified otherwise for a particular part of the website.

2. Website content

The website is a central communication tool of the Peace Institute and contains all information about our work, in particular information on our activities and projects (project descriptions, project teams, partners, donors, project duration, results etc.), publications, events, public statements, leadership structure and general information about the institute. It also contains announcements of participation of our employees at public events organized by others and statements of our employees in the media. The majority, but not all the information is published in two languages, Slovenian and English. The website is up-dated on a daily basis, and new items are also disseminated via Facebook page of the Peace Institute in order to reach wider audiences.

The Peace Institute retains the right to change, add and remove content or applications on this website without any prior notice and does not take responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

On the website we also publish links to websites of others. The Peace institute has not influence on the management or content of these websites and therefore takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information or content published on websites of others.

News, research reports, e-newsletter and other items depend on the dates when they were published. We recommend that you double check whether the legislation or policies on which the information is based has not changed in the meantime.

The Peace Institute autonomously takes decisions concerning requests for publication of announcements of other organizations or individuals who are unrelated to the Peace institute. In case of publication of such information on the website (including photos or links) the Peace Institute is not responsible for their accuracy.

3. The Peace Institute electronic newsletter

The website allows for subscription to the Peace Institute electronic newsletter, issued every three months. The newsletter is prepared only in English since it is aimed predominantly at informing international public about our work.

The Peace Institute retains the right to issue the newsletter in periods longer or shorter than three months, depending on the intensity of activities of the Peace Institute.

You can unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter at any time by clicking the link “unsubscribe” that can be found in the footer of each newsletter.
The Peace Institute may cease to issue the electronic newsletter without prior notice if this is necessary due to technical upgrading, system updates or management reasons.

4. The Peace Institute Membership

The website allows for subscribing to a Peace Institute Membership. The Peace Institute Membership Program was developed with an aim to strengthen the Institute’s mission. The program is aimed at individuals and organizations, who believe in the Peace Institute mission, support its public work and consider the institute’s activities as important for the community in Slovenia as well as on the international level.
Subscription to membership is done by completing a web form. By submitting the form a natural or legal person undertakes the obligation to pay the membership fee in the amount of:

  • Natural persons: 50 EUR
  • Non-governmental organizations: 180 EUR
  • Public law persons and embassies: 480 EUR
  • Micro companies: 240 EUR
  • Small and medium enterprises: 480 EUR
  • Large companies: 1300 EUR

After submitting the form the Peace Institute issues an invoice with a request to pay the membership fee. Access to membership for the current year is valid from the day when the Peace Institute receives the payment.

Based on the decision of the Peace Institute Managing Board of 5 December 2014, the Peace Institute applies a policy of automatic renewal, meaning that unless we hear from you by 15 December stating that you no longer wish to be a member in the following calendar year, your membership will be automatically renewed.

Personal data is required for the Peace Institute membership program. In accordance with the law, the submitted information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected.

5. Limitation of responsibility concerning the use of the Peace Institute website

Website visitors use the website, its parts, content and applications on the website on their own responsibility.

The Peace Institute does not undertake any responsibility for accuracy of information published on the website, for changes of information already published or for any damages incurred due to information published on this website.

6. Copyright

All content, graphic and other elements on the website are subject to copyright protection in accordance with the national legislation.

If not specified otherwise, it is allowed to freely reproduce, electronically distribute and publish the content of this website, however only for non-profit (non-commercial) purposes and under the conditions that the content is not changed in any way and that the source is clearly indicted with a hyperlink on the name The Peace Institute, leading to the website

7. Cookies on the Peace Institute website

We use the following cookies on this website to provide a better user experience for you:

  • _icl_current_language: This cookie is used to store your language preference and is part of the required cookies of this website which cannot be switched off.
  • Cookies loaded by WordPress, the content management system that powers this website. The cookies are required for the functioning of WordPress.
  • PHPSESSID – cookie with temporary information about your visit. The cookie is deleted automatically when you close your browser.
  • _gaT, _ga: Cookies loaded by Google Analytics which we are using to measure our website traffic. Information collected with this tool do not contain personal data, but are useful for us because they provide an insight into website usage and help us plan for new content and features.

If you don’t want Google Analytics cookies, you can delete them in your browser.

8. Contact

If you have found a mistake, inaccuracy, outdatedness or any other issue on this website please inform us about it by writing to This address can also be used for requesting that your personal date be removed from this website.


Published: 2015

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