Effects of Discrimination on Societal, Political and Social Inclusion of Young People in Slovenia: An Analysis on the Basis of Gender, Sexual Orientation and Ethnicity

The aim of the project is to prepare policy proposals for the improvement of the anti-discriminatory policies in the fields of social protection, reduction of social exclusion and prevention of discrimination on the basis of the selected personal circumstances. The proposals will be based on the analysis of the existent empirical data, official statistic and additional research on the topic.

The research consists of three steps:

1. An overview, systematization and analysis of the existent data on discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and religion. All these personal circumstances will be analyzed through intersections with gender and age (multiple discrimination)
2. Identification of the key and specific forms of discrimination. Qualitative methodology (focus groups, half-structured interviews) will be employed.
3. Preparation of the proposals for anti-discriminatory policies.

The research project combines two project proposals. Even though the official title of the project includes only young people and gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity (which was the proposed title of one of the accepted projects), the actual research project focuses also on disability and religion.

Project leader: Roman Kuhar
Project coworkers: Mateja Sedmak, Alenka Švab and Veronika Bajt


Faculty of Social Science (dr. Alenka Švab) and Scientific-research Center Koper (dr. Mateja Sedmak).


Slovenian Research Agency, Office for Equal Opportunities and Goverment Office for Growth.