Establishment and Monitoring of Internationally Comparable Indicators on Trafficking in Human Beings

The study analyzes existing practices and policies in the field of trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation, linking these to issues of prostitution in Slovenia and other selected EU as well as non-EU member states. The aim of the study is to evaluate policies and practices related to both trafficking in human beings and prostitution in the international context with the purpose to define indicators to monitor different forms of trafficking. The project analyzes legal mechanisms in Slovenia and compares these to legal provisions adopted by some other states. It analyses national programs designed to “combat trafficking” and discusses practical implementations of these. The analysis compares the work of NGOs in the field and evaluates the (non)existence of the subject in various teaching programs. A further aim is to analyze court cases related to trafficking and prostitution in Slovenia.

Project leader: Mojca Pajnik
Project coworker: Urška Kavčič


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RS