Mainstreaming/Empowering Minorities in the Media in Multicultural Societies

Main purpose of the two-day international seminar was to bring together minority media producers, experts and NGO media activists from the Western and Eastern Europe in order to reflect the positions and perspectives of the minority and multilingual media within national media systems. One of the main objectives was to reflect and discuss the position of minority and multicultural media within the mainstream media space in the respected countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom). Successful minority media programs/outlets were presented and good models of regulatory systems. The policy mechanisms that stimulate the development of minority/multilingual media outlets and minority program in the mainstream media were introduced.
Project leader: Brankica Petković
Project coworker: Neva Nahtigal


Center for Independent Journalists (Budapest)


East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders (OSI)