MIGRASCOPE – Extending the Scope of Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

The overall objective of the project is to increase the access to work and foster integration at the workplace for migrants. Firstly, the project aims to build the capacity of migrants by developing skills for finding and keeping a job. Secondly, the project aims to build the capacity of employers and other stakeholders, by increasing their know-how for the better management of diversity, by challenging existing attitudes, and by creating incentives for introducing better integration practices through the exchange of experiences.

The starting point and main focus of the project is engaging with employers. Evidence from many other research studies in Europe and elsewhere confirms that employer engagement is critical, since migrant participation and retention in employment cannot be increased without addressing barriers on the employer side. The attitudes and practices of employers play equally important role in shaping outcomes, as does the socio-demographic profile of the migrant. Employers in this project are private, public and/or non-governmental sector employers.


  • Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia (coordinator)
  • Institute of Public Affairs, Poland
  • Municipal Training Centre of the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
  • Centre for Cultural and General Studies of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Inclusive Works, Netherlands
  • SwIdeas, Sweden