Nations – States and Xenophobias: In the Ruins of ex-Yugoslavia

>The project aimed at reflecting the meanings of the phenomena of nations-states in the context of emerging post-socialist forms of xenophobia. The international seminar dealt with the situation of post-war former Yugoslav republics from the perspective of politics of exclusion. The main goal was to demonstrate and prove that post-socialist difficulties with xenophobia are not connected solely with the sphere which we usually refer to as “social”. They are related to the sphere of politics and/or the state. The attention was put to the crucial areas in classical theories about the nation-state from which xenophobia arises. The projects brought together critical thinkers, young scholars and activists from the region who worked on existing inequalities in the former Yugoslavia, and actively reflected the post-war situation from a neglected perspective of nationalism, xenophobia and racism as mechanisms of technocratic post-socialist exclusions. One of the results of the project was an analysis of the existing situation published in a book format, being distributed to relevant opinion and policy makers in former Yugoslav states.

Program (.doc)

Project leader: Tonči Kuzmanić
Project coworker: Mojca Pajnik


Croatian Political Science Association


  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders (OSI)