Public Policy Round Table Discussion and Workshop “Public Policy and Think Tanks”

The project is meant as an educational workshop for the staff of the Peace Institute and its associates from the SEE region. The main goals of the project are to improve the knowledge on the policy process, the policy cycle making and the process of policy communication. The idea is to gain new knowledge in order to be able to work on future projects that include policy making dimensions.

There is an increased need for the Peace Institute and its partners to be able to work more focused in projects, oriented towards policy results and changes. The understanding of policy process is thus needed, the process that is not just dealing with goals of a certain activity, but is instead focused on the whole process of work. The workshop is tailor made for each situation and include a section on general concepts of public policy analysis followed by a specific topic, e.g. policy analysis, social policy, methodology of public policy analysis, introduction to policy centres.

Project execution

The workshop included two parts: first day was meant as an up-grade of knowledge on the Public Policy Analysis in the Policy Making Process with the emphasis on the role of the think tanks. The workshop was led by Jose de Barros, Programme Manager PPCI and Jacek Kucharczyk, a specialist from the Institute for Public Affairs from Warsav.The second day a group of participants presented one project plan and then all institutes were presented by the representatives from selected countries. In the afternoon session participants discussed the future project plans in the theme groups. There was six groups: minority media, civil society, trafficking in human beings, Europe vs. USA , ethics of care and Workers’-Punks’ University.

Two-day workshop included lectures, discussions and practical proposal writings on the first day and on the second in the form of presentations of selected institutes and theme work on future projects.

Program (12kB, .pdf)
Evaluation Report (82kB, .pdf)


Policy Centres Initiative, Budapest in collaboration with Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw.


East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders (OSI)