Social Status of Student Families in Ljubljana

Main hypothesis: Social status of student families in general has worsened in the period of transition and student families belong to the group of the most threatened population. This is due to two main reasons. Firstly, students do not (regularly) enter the labor market, and secondly, student families usually have small, dependent children. Student families are caught in the position where two (potentially) ‘socially threatening’ statuses meet i.e. the student status and the family status (unemployed parents with dependent children).

Housing problem is one of the key factors that determines student families’ social status. It is known that housing represents a problem for the student population in general. The housing status of the student population is particularly determined by a lack of apartments and high rents. For student families this situation represents even an even more serious problem since they have small children (the need for more space etc.).

The following might be the reasons for bad housing situation of the student families: unaffordability of apartments; unemployment (not able to get a loan); lack of apartments; high rents (consequently bad living conditions).

The analysis will determine main segments and characteristics of the housing problem of the student families in Ljubljana, and formulate measures for the improvement of their housing status.

Project leader: Alenka Švab


Municipality of Ljubljana, Peace Institute Ljubljana