The Future of European Integration

The project was conceived from WPU’s ascertainment that contemporary economic theory is not capable of grasping the complexity of the political and economic situation of the European integrations and that the cause of this inability needs to be analyzed in order to find a way out of the current critical political and economic situation. To this end, the project team members decided to organize an international framework for a series of events, starting with three happenings, each taking place in a different ex-Yugoslavian country. Events which took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia) combined interdisciplinarity, innovative educational approaches, new modes of utilisation of local as well as international human resources in practises of sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise from different local backgrounds, as a way to avoid the inherent limitations of classical academic congresses and conferences.

Project coordinator: Workers Punk University


  • Association of Students of Political Science POLITUSS
  • Centar za radničke študije, Zagreb
  • Association of Philosophy Students, Zagreb
  • Kontekst galerija, Zemun - Beograd


  • East East Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Foundations)
  • European Commission