Awareness Raising and Education for Development and Culture (AWARD)

The project is focused on social and economic potentials of cultural production in local communities. It intends to raise awareness among the public and local authorities about the important role of culture in development strategies for third world countries and to involve more local authorities in seeking out town twinning opportunities to further development. Until 2014 the project consortium will conduct research on innovative projects and good practices, develop training modules, produce training material, stimulate debates through seminars and training sessions, organize public events, produce a communication and dissemination strategy for the project’s results and release a final publication.

Interim reports, presentations, texts and other materials are available at the website:

Project leader: Aldo Milohnić

Project execution

In 2012 the partners discussed a questionnaire designed for the local authorities, launched the project website and carried out other project activities. At the strategic meeting in Brussels organized by leding pertner ENTP in April 2012 we discussed the progress and the future plans. ENTP organized an AWARD workshop in Paris on November 22-24, 2012 as part of the ‘European Campus of local and regional authorities for Culture’ of the Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture ‘Les Rencontres’. The workshop was focused on the role of local and regional authorities in culture and development in a critical situation of overall austerity measures and budget cuts, which lead local governments to decrease spending on international cooperation.

In the beginning of 2013 Peace Institute have prepared a study on cultural development, international collaboration, migratrions and diaspora communities in Ljubljana based on the common questionnaire developed within the project. We have also started to work on a new study on cultural development and quality of life in selected cities in the region (it will be published in a book which will be produced by project partners). An AWARD international conference on cultural industries and local development took place in Ljubljana in May 2013. In the present phase of the project topics in focus are: training activities, exchange of good practices, adopting practical approaches in helping local authorities to involve cultural develpoment into their strategies, maintaining of the project website and final analysis of the questionnaires colleceted from local authorities and/or researchers.


European New Towns and Pilot Cities Platform (Belgium) – leading partner Consell Comarcal del Alt Empordà (Spain) The city of Almere (the Netherlands) The city of Harlow (UK) The city of Ljubljana (Slovenia) Peace Institute (Slovenia)
Les Rencontres, Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture (France)


European Commission (EuropeAid)