Feminism and Islam, Politike edition.

Feminism and Islam. Turkish Women between the Orient and the West

The book is the product of several years of work, language learning, reading of Turkish and other literature, and above all becoming familiar with Turkish society, history, and people. The author met primarily with women and came to know their views, lives, practices, actions, and thoughts. In this respect the book also represents a novelty for Slovenia since it provides a new insight into contemporary Turkey, which is a country marked by experiences of the past and expectations for the future, and especially by its inhabitants, both men and women. The author undertakes an in-depth analysis of many scientific studies, presents them critically, and adds to them her own views of contemporary life in Turkey. In particular, she analyzes the different views and interpretations of women, and by placing them on a realistic empirical footing also critically lays them bare. Women are often an object, exploited in ideological battles among different political factions, and are therefore many times themselves lacking a voice in the interpretation of their own roles. The author presents the critical views of women themselves, thereby unveiling the critical potential of plural life in Turkey.