Immigrants, Who are You? Research on Immigrants in Slovenia

Immigrants, Who are You? Research on Immigrants in Slovenia

This research study and monograph aims at presenting immigrants who were first dehumanized by the politics, then by the wider public in Slovenia, and presented as social vermin. Proff that this is so is the study itself. It combines quantitative analysis of survey results, the immigrants’ life stories, and accounts of our own experience during the field work.


The road, the pathless lands, and the revival of camps
Walking the embers
The die is cast
But where to?
Inching one’s way and tunnels
On the road
Seized and stuck in the mud

New home: Endouring in Slovenia
Asylum Seeker’s Home and Centre for Aliens in Šiska, Ljubljana
The Centre for Aliens in Veliki Otok near Postojna

Home on fire
National cage
Tightening the noose
Democracy without people
Between two extremes
Trust Betting on the future

New World The West
Open Door
The fortress of success

Excuse us!
Violation of human rights
Where are the plush bears?
Behind the Iron Curtain
Distribution a human being as a category
Legislative lottery
Schengen an imagined area without borders