v vrtincu subkultur naslovka

In the Maelstrom of Subcultures

Založba Sophia published the book In the maelstrom of subcultures by Jasna Babić. The basic theme of the book is subcultures, more precisely: the analysis of existing subcultural theoretical concepts. Based on her many decades of work in this field, the author shows how the definitions of subcultures were formed and changed, how the concept of subcultures and several coexisting concepts of subcultures and research traditions developed, where the emphasis was in individual research periods that influenced the change in the general definition subcultures until today. In terms of content, it was limited to theoretical findings and explanations developed by writers of cultural studies in connection with youth culture, especially music. Three main guidelines are intertwined throughout the text: whether we can speak of the existence of a universal subcultural theory, whether subcultures can be explained with a concept that assumes homogeneous, class-based practices, and whether contemporary subcultures are involved in the marketing of their own identities. The book is both a historical and substantive cross-section of subcultural concepts.

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